Recommended reading: THE WILD KID, a new short story by Varington Springfield. Also, with bonus story, Three Boys by the River

The Wild Kid

A Great Boy Artist

The best video of this century, so far!


Is their ignorance really bliss?
To know or think they know?
To be content with mere belief?
Does believing make it so?

Once the earth was flat.
Some knew it to be true
And the sun revolved around the earth.
That was what they knew.

There were names for those who doubted
Those who could not agree
With what all others knew for sure,
The truth, reality.

But that was long ago.
Mankind has come so far.
Ignorance must be now extinct
And truth must be the par.

Yet what should be has yet to be.
Does ignorance still prevail?
Much easier to pretend to know
Than search for truth and fail.

So many hurt, so many dead.
So many live in fear
Of those who know and yet know not,
Yet hold their ignorance dear.

Heresay is their only truth,
Gossip is their teacher.
They accept it all as Gospel,
Spew it like a preacher.

Whom, when all the old and all the youth are maimed or dead,
When all that disagreed or mocked have ceased to breathe,
When those that valued love and kindness are no more,
Will be the targets of your selfish wrath?
Shall you turn on one another in your lusts for blood?
Will your envisioned god be satisfied or send you down another holy path?

Your time on earth will end as time ends for us all,
Yet you gamble what you have on paradise,
Staking all on words of vile men with dreams of power
And twisted thoughts of twisted minds unwise.

A Great Boy Artist